Windsurfing is a high-risk sport that can quickly lead to sports injuries. Often, special neoprene sport supports for water sports can protect you from injuries. Below you can learn more about how Rehband neoprene sports supports can relieve your body.

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Causes of sports injuries in windsurfing

Windsurfers are always on the lookout for strong winds and high waves. The water is a real adventure playground for windsurfers. But don't forget that sports injuries are a high risk during your next adrenaline rush. You should always keep in mind the strong forces that act on your body during windsurfing in order to be able to make a realistic risk assessment. Your joints, muscles and ligaments will thank you.

Typical causes of sports injuries in windsurfing are your own carelessness, overestimation of your own abilities, insufficient training and an insufficient warm-up phase. If you avoid these mistakes and additionally protect yourself with special protectors and sports bandages made of neoprene, you can avoid many sports injuries.

Windsurfing sports injuries

The most common sports injuries in windsurfing include bruises, broken bones and injuries to the foot. Your knees, elbows and back are also at risk because of the strong forces that act directly on them. However, with targeted training, many injuries can be avoided. In addition, water sports bandages made of neoprene protect you from unpleasant pain.

Sport Supports for windsurfers

  1. Neoprene knee supports: Knee supports protect and relieve pressure on your knee joints. To additionally strengthen your knees, find out about special workouts that strengthen your knee muscles.
  2. Neoprene foot supports: Muscle-activating foot supports have an analgesic and decongestant effect. They are applied for irritation pain, joint inflammation, ligament weakness and as a preventive measure. Foot bandages include, for example: the ankle bandage (for sprains or tendonitis of the ankle or ankle) and the ankle bandage (relieves pain from ankle complaints).
  3. Neoprene back supports: Sport supports for the lumbar spine are excellent for sports activities while standing. They relieve the back enormously when windsurfing. They also have a pain-relieving and healing effect in acute sports injuries.
  4. Neoprene wrist supports: Wrist supports made of neoprene are used in the treatment of swollen, sprained and broken wrists. Since windsurfing also puts a lot of stress on your wrists, you should put on these sports bandages every now and then as a preventive protective measure, because prevention is better than cure!
  5. Neoprene shoulder supports: You can treat known complaints such as unpleasant swellings or inflammations in the shoulder area with a shoulder support made of neoprene. But also torn muscles or ligaments in this region of the body are treated with shoulder supports.

Remember: In the event of a sports injury, you must consider whether it is necessary to consult a doctor you trust. In case of extreme discomfort, which may have lasted for some time, a visit to the doctor is definitely recommended.