Very often, injuries to ligaments and joints occur during tennis training or matches. This is often due to the hard surface and sometimes prolonged injury absences are the result. Muscular problems in the calf, thigh and trunk are also a very common phenomenon in tennis. But what injuries are typical in tennis, and how can you preventively avoid these sports injuries?

Special ankle bandages for tennis should be used for prevention and support during and after injuries in the ankle joint area. These sports supports protect the ankle joint, stabilize it and have a compressive effect on the injured area. Especially on clay courts you should pay attention to a robust support, because the combination of sand and moisture often affects the durability of the support for tennis.

Through the use of sports supports you can often prevent the formation of effusions and long-lasting injuries. Furthermore, the sports support causes a significant stabilization and gives you a significantly increased sense of security. This prevents you from adopting a restraining posture and overloading other parts of the body.

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Common injuries in tennis - How sports supports help

Sports supports provide support for tennis injuries, especially for so-called tennis elbow. In tennis, however, injuries to the knee are also quite common. From effusions due to overload, meniscus injuries, cruciate ligament tears and cartilage problems, you will find a wide range of knee injuries in the field of tennis. In case of overuse, you should use special tennis sports supports in addition to the classic forms of therapy. These stabilize your knee joint and reduce joint effusions through targeted compression. Do you have a strong instability in the area of your knee joint? In this case, it is important to choose a stronger construction when selecting a support, for example, one that contains aluminum splints. The difference here is the degree of stabilization of your joint.

Tape instead of Sports Supports

Not looking for a sports support at all, but another solution for stabilizing your joints? If you still want to give your body a support, then maybe tapes are just the right thing for you. For example, you can stabilize your wrist or support your knee joint with a tape. For this purpose, sports tapes are ideal - both for prevention (prevention of injuries), as well as for supportive therapy in the case of a healing sports injury.