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Rehband Lab is pieced together with expertise and experience from our cutting edge R&D-team, physiotherapists, textile engineers, designers and elite athletes. The Lab gives you a better understanding of how our supports will help you with your needs.


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Customer Stories

"I purchased these knee sleeves after a few months of Crossfit. I'm an in shape 44 year old male that absolutely loves the intensity of cross training but often my knees do not share the affinity. These wraps fit perfectly and give me not only a sense of stability but also keep the knee joint very warm and ready to work. "

Jeff Thomson

"These save your knees! I initially just got one for my problematic knee and there was an instant change in my knee pain after workouts! Shortly after I started noticing my other knee aching after too many squats so I got a second. I've been using them regularly ever since and they have allowed me to continue the exercises I enjoy with no pain!"

Melanie Lopez

"They feel great, I've had knee pain for years and do a lot of Olympic weightlifting and squatting but had to stop because of soreness... these help ease the pain and provide awesome support! They keep your knees warm in between/during sets! So happy I got them, wish I would have sooner."

Heather Cabrera

" I recently have made it onto the squat gain train with added confidence that my knees are healthy and trust worthy.. Bring on the 120's. Happy knees, Happy Sarah, Happy lifting. Thank you Rehband for looking after my knees."

Olivia Reese

"I developed a nasty case of tennis elbow overdoing it during crossfit. I tried everything, heating pads, heat patches, ointments, ice therapy, etc. Nothing really worked until this. I wore this for a few days along side some prescription strength alleve and voila, no more tennis elbow. "

Anthony Hunter

"After 2 knee surgeries and being in my 30's - I'm not gonna lie, don't know where my knees would be without these bad boys. Use them in almost every workout where there is squatting. Just love the support and warmth they give my knees."

Josh Bridges

"Love mine green ones. Bought one then realized I needed both. I think the other knee got jealous! Before I found Rehband, dead lifts, front squats and box jumps would kill my knees. Last night my WOD was 76 DL's, 76 BJ's and 76 KB swings. No KNEE pain. Thank you!"

Matthew Stevenson

"Love these. I got mine earlier this year. After barely being able to do body weight squats for years now I look forward to squat days as part of a powerlifting regimen I recently started. Definitely would not have been possible without these!!"

Martin Cudworth

"These are the only compression sleeves I have used that stay up when running and squatting. They provide great support and keep the knees warm during exercise. I was expecting them to be very bulky, but they do not get in the way during clean and snatch movements. Overall, great product, and worth every penny."

Tyler Dennis

"Excellent product, I was not sure if I need knee sleeves. I don't have knee issues, but I did find that the support when doing heavy weight, or a lot of reps is excellent. Keeps my knees warm, and almost feels like recovery is quicker. I would definitely recommend even if you don't think you need them."

Lizzy Wedell

Injury guide

Do you want to learn more about the most common sport injuries? Read about typical symptoms or get tips on treatments? Find out what product you could use to prevent and rehabilitate your injury with Rehband's Injury Guide!

The guide

The complete RX Black Collection

The popular RX Black family is growing, with the new additions RX Elbow and RX Shin & Calf Sleeve Black. The construction of the products is build on a unique patent, securing its anatomical fit. The shape allows the product to follow the body’s motions.

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Why do you love to lift?

"There is something about going into the gym and killing the weights. The world disappear for however long and it's like I'm the king in my own little world. Nothing can harm me, and I come out feeling like a new man better and stronger than before."

Alex O.

"I love to lift because it brings me to a special place where there is no judgement, no deadlines, and no regrets. A place where failure leads you to bigger success. A place where the sound of rubber and metal is like a symphony. And a place where the feeling of defeat brings you back and makes you hungry for more. That's is why I lift."

Al N.

"I lift to love the journey. The ageless stress free experience you take when you go the gym or box or garage. I lift to escape the norm of the day. The lift everyone loves is When you prove to yourself you can lift something today that you could not lift yesterday. I love to lift with friends. I love to lift for the competition. I love to lift for how it makes you feel."

Marc C.

"I love to lift because it truly is my passion and I want to go so far in this sport! I used to do basketball competitively but once I found Olympic Lifting I felt like everything finally felt complete. My ultimate goal is to go far OlympicLifting and also Go in to the Crossfit Games. Rehbands is such an amazing product and an amazing brand and I would love to sport it in all my lifts and workouts to come!!"

Jodeci J.

"I love to lift because of what they don't see. Each lift is much more than a lift. It's the beauty of technique, finess and grace all held together by an athletes focus and determination. The best part is that all this happens in seconds. Blink and you'll miss it."

Juan M.

"I love to lift because strong is the new sexy!! I have a 14 year old daughter that I want to teach that low top shirts and booty shorts isn't what sexy is about. It's about confidence in your own skin and learning to love your own body! Teaching her to lift and do it properly will not only show her strength but give her that confidence that she can use outside the gym."

Erika A.

"I love to lift for many reasons. Fighting depression since I was 15, lifting made it easier for me to release my stress and released endorphins to make me feel happier. Lifting also made me the fittest, and strongest I have ever been. It's not just a hobby for me, it's a lifestyle and without it, I'm lost "

Haylie S.

"I love to lift because i love challenges! Lifting for me is a stress reliever. Being 18 not alot of kids in my school lift so being know for this is pretty cool! I play highschool softball and between practices everyday i go to crossfit for the gym and lift. Iv had some back problems when i was a freshman and joining crossfit has strengthen my back soo much! Rehbands had helped me from getting knee injuries and i love you guys for that!:)"

Nicole F.

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Got an injury?

Do you want to learn more about the most common sport injuries? Read about typical symptoms or get tips on treatments? Find out what product you could use to prevent and rehabilitate your injury with Rehband's Injury Guide!

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