Table tennis

A sports support can have a variety of positive effects in table tennis: It supports and stabilizes joints, warms the tissue, thereby relieving pain and promoting blood circulation, and ensures regulated sweat removal. Thus, a sports support can prevent many injuries, such as pulled muscles, stretched ligaments or even torn ligaments. You can use a support to prevent sports injuries, or - if you have already injured yourself playing table tennis or suffer from joint overload - you can also wear a sports support as a therapeutic aid. The positive properties, especially the stabilization of your joints and relief of your tendons, help you and accelerate your recovery process.

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Movement patterns in table tennis

Table tennis differs from many other sports in one respect: it is an extremely responsive game. Static and dynamic activities alternate almost regularly, which is typical for many sports. But because of the extremely short reaction time in table tennis, switching between the two phases is extremely challenging. To give the ball maximum spin, it must be hit with pinpoint accuracy and at extremely high speed. The basic prerequisite for a successful stroke is a very good positioning to the ball. This in turn means that the player takes this position with quick steps by accelerating and stopping extremely fast. This short sequence of rapid power and static pause leads to typical stress consequences for muscles, joints and ligaments. In addition, many table tennis players, especially in the lower and middle classes, usually start training without proper warm-up. This exposes muscles, joints and ligaments to a high risk of injury. This is where the right bandage helps out. However, the use of a sports bandage in table tennis is problematic on the hand or fingers. Because the necessary feel for the ball depends largely on the perception of the stroke contact, the game is often significantly impaired by a bandage. But there is also a solution: Try it best with a tape. A sports tape helps you, for example, to stabilize your wrist or a finger without losing your feeling for the ball.

Prophylaxis instead of sports interruption

Due to the very frequent use of high-speed movements, the most common injuries in table tennis are strains of the muscles or ligament injuries. As these are often not or insufficiently cured, there is a risk that they develop into long-lasting, recurring injuries due to inflammation. An untreated strain or stretched ligament can quickly lead to torn muscle fibers or torn ligaments if repeated. Then, at the latest, a visit to the doctor is necessary. There are simple rules that can prevent such sports injuries. These include, for example, proper warming up before training or a tournament, or building up muscles. But also a sports bandage gives you the necessary stability during table tennis and can prevent injuries. You don't always have the perfect feeling for your body, and surely everyone has worked out beyond their capabilities in training. And at the end of the day, it's all about pushing your limits and sometimes going beyond them. Strains and muscle exhaustion can occur. The best way to treat them is with heat, which you can also achieve with a table tennis bandage. So why not wear a sports bandage prophylactically? Since a table tennis bandage has no negative side effects, prophylactic use usually does no harm. The exception to the rule is the table tennis bandage of the large joints (especially the knee joint), because they are often extremely tight and can interfere with mobility. Last but not least, this table tennis brace thereby affects the blood circulation and, if worn too often, can strain the ligaments rather than support them due to the additional pressure. You should always keep this in mind. Also pay attention to the correct fit. If you have questions about this, our size charts or our knee support guide will help you. If you still have questions, we will be happy to advise you. Just call us (00 49 5527 / 849 1212), or use our contact form. We are happy if we can help you.