Kinesiology tapes and sports tapes are extremely versatile and have numerous useful applications. REHBAND Kinesiogy Tape, Sports Tape and RX Athletic Power-Wrap offer you support for your muscles and joints, can relieve tension and stabilize movements. 


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6 rolls of white sports tape with black Rehband lettering and logoRX Athletic Sports Tape
RX Athletic Sports Tape Sale price$29.99
6 blue rolls of cohesive tapeRX Athletic Cohesive Tape
A roll of light blue underwrap tapeRX Athletic Underwrap
RX Athletic Underwrap Sale priceFrom $7.99
A package of beige kinesiology tape RX Kinesiology Tape
RX Kinesiology Tape Sale priceFrom $9.99
A package of rehband crosstapes in pink, blue and beigeRX Cross Tape
RX Cross Tape Sale priceFrom $14.99
3 rolls of white power wrap with black Rehband lettering and logoRX Athletic Power-Wrap
RX Athletic Power-Wrap Sale priceFrom $14.99

The advantage of sports tapes and kinesiology tapes

The big advantage of sports and kinesiology tapes is that they are easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways in sports, for health or in the workplace. They help you to relieve discomfort, prevent injuries and can also help you improve your performance!