I left my home country at the age of 19, because of my dream – To play handball abroad.

Noëlle Frey, Swiss National Team player, plays in the top ranked club DHB RW Thun in Switzerland. In this article you will learn more about Frey’s background, views on what it takes to play at the professional level, and what Rehband products are her favourite. 

As a 10-year old, Frey discovered handball in school and has stuck with it ever since. A fondness of the sport, talent, and hard work lead her into playing four years in the German Bundesliga HSF Blomberg-Lippe – a highlight in her career:

“I left my home-country at the age of 19 years, just because of my dream: To play handball abroad. Also a very big career-highlight was winning the Swiss-championship in 2016 with my past team Spono Eagles.”

Frey describes herself as a calm and supportive person: “Of course, as an athlete on the handball field sometimes I am loud to cheer up my team and lead them. I love to fight for my team!” Other qualities she puts forward are her ability to focus and to ambitiously work for what she wants:

When I have a goal, I will check all opportunities I have to reach it.”

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Handball mentality and change over the Years

Handball has become increasingly popular over the years and the sport itself has evolved: “I think the individual physique of the players changed a lot in the last years. Increasingly more in youth-handball, there is a big focus of on the physical level of each player. The framework in the club and national teams to improve the physique has changed a lot. Handball is more powerful than in previous years!”

To be an elite handball player and compete at a high level it calls for endurance as well as the ability stay focused, explains Frey. ”The way to get on an elite handball level starts as a young player. You have to do the right decisions and find a good balance between sport and education. You have to learn to subordinate many things!” When asked about who inspires her, she responds: I never looked up to a special idol, but I’m very impressed by all the players who are playing in different competitions. Even if their bodies are physically on the limit, or over it, they always reach a constant level in the game.”

Frey further explains that the possibility of playing female handball as one’s main professional isn’t feasible, in Switzerland, so the players also supplement with half or full time work. Thus, competing at their level and practicing that intensely strikes us as even more impressive. Monetary reasons are not a reason for getting up in the morning even if things may feel tough. On the question “What makes you go the extra mile?”, she responds:

Of course there are times when you have to push and motivate yourself. But you have to remember that every exercise and workout has a meaning and is important. If I start getting lazy my body won`t be able to perform at the level I am playing at.”

Rehband knee pads saves her from the hard floor

Ten years and counting, Frey has worn the Rehband PRN Knee Pads Speed: “They are saving me from the hard floor when I fall on it.” She also uses the calf sleeves and the compression socks for prevention and support: ”I know that I ’Enable my full potential’ when I have prepared well for a game by training with Rehband products. For example, when you have along trip to a game the compression so

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