Handball Injuries – General Back Pain

Handball has always been a high impact sport but over the years it has developed into a sport characterized by a noticeable increase in speed, intensity and force – with more injuries as a result. In Rehband’s “Complete Guide – The 11 Most Common Injuries In Handball” you can learn about the most common injuries in handball today. What are the causes and symptoms, and what can you do to prevent injuries and alleviate pain if you’re affected?  This article is focused on General back pain.

General Back Pain

The complaint is located in the lower back and adjacent areas. The symptoms may last for a few days or weeks, alternating with trouble-free periods. If the trouble persists, pain occurs at night and the player generally feels bad, medical attention should be sought.

Possible Causes

  • Bad posture.
  • Overexertion
  • Hypermobility
  • Reduced core stability due to weak abdominal muscles.
  • Tight muscles: back thighs, gluteal muscles and hip flexors.


  • Fatigue and pain in the lower back.
  • Stiffness and pain in the morning and/or after exertion.
  • The problem is clearly exacerbated by e.g. prolonged sitting, standing, lifting, a bent-forwards working position and after playing handball.


  • Active posture correction.
  • Stabilization exercises for the abdomen and back muscles.
  • Coordination exercises. Weight training for weak muscles. Stretching.

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