Handball Injuries – Diffuse front knee pains (PFSS)

Handball has always been a high impact sport but over the years it has developed into a sport characterized by a noticeable increase in speed, intensity and force – with more injuries as a result. In Rehband’s “Complete Guide – The 11 Most Common Injuries In Handball” you can learn about the most common injuries in handball today. What are the causes and symptoms, and what can you do to prevent injuries and alleviate pain if you’re affected?  This article is focused on Diffuse front knee pains.

Diffuse front knee pains (PFSS)

PFSS is one of the most common painful conditions in the knee joint which affects both active and inactive people. The condition occurs mainly in teenage girls. The problem can have several causes and there are often many different factors that affect the pain. The condition is not usually associated with an accident. The pain is often triggered in connection with physical activity, which causes many to refrain from exercise and sports activities. The prognosis is usually good. Activity with pain is allowed if it does not increase during each training session.

Possible causes

  • Anatomical and genetic conditions.
  • Muscular imbalance in the leg, e.g. weakness and tightness of the front thigh muscles.
  • Overpronation.
  • Incorrect position of the kneecap.
  • Overstraining the joint.


  • Diffuse pain on the front of the knee. Pain during or after exertion.
  • Pain when using stairs, especially going down. Pain when squatting.
  • Pain when getting up from a sitting position. Pain when sitting for longer periods e.g. at the cinema. Locking sensation, dislocation (subluxation) of the kneecap.


  • Knee protection with support for the kneecap.
  • A gradually intensified rehabilitation programme including stretching, in particular the front thighs and gluteal muscles and exercising the ankle
  • Sole or insert in the shoes for extra support or relief.

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