From Portugal to Poland and back

Tiago Rocha, team captain of the Portuguese National Handball Team, is currently playing with Portugal’s renowned club Sporting CP, having recently played with Wisla Plock, Poland. As a multi-time national champion and Champions League player, he is certainly an experienced player. Rehband is honoured to support his dedication to injury prevention and game performance goals. The Rehband team had a chance to chat with him about his strategy to play and stay injury free at the absolute top level of handball.  

As a player, his strengths are of both technical and tactical character. In terms of career highlights Rocha starts with the most recent win of the Portuguese Handball Championships last year. Receiving the title of national champion after his return from Poland was proof that he had made the right choice to come back: “It was undoubtedly a high point.”

The titles he has won in the past also shouldn’t be forgotten. “They all have their history, just like the experience I have had abroad.” Rocha finds that being captain of the National Team is a source of great pride to him.

Mentality as a competitive handball Player

Rocha describes handball as a passionate sport that includes many goals during the games, with uncertainty of the game’s outcome and results from start to finish. A sport where emotions are guaranteed. “Whoever has never been to a stadium to see handball should go fast.” Overall, the sport is getting increasingly more professional, something that’s great for the athletes in particular, he mentions.

To answer the question “What mentality do you need to have to compete at an elite handball level?”, he reasons that “First of all, really like what you do. That’s the most important. Then you have to be professional in everything, in training, in the game, in the food, in the rest.” In terms of mental strength to keep working hard and to go the extra mile, thinking about his goals is a big motivator I think about the goals I have. In what I intend to achieve, that is always more and more. I think that I can only get better every time I push my limits!”

Rocha wears the Rehband ankle protection 

Since I was little I always wanted to have a knee brace like Swedish handball player Magnus Wislander and I am very happy now to also belong to the Rehband family.”

Muscle strength training is a way for Rocha to work with the prevention of injuries as being injured and away from training is very disadvantageous. Another aspect of his injury prevention regimen is wearing Rehband products. He finds the ankle protection collection to be of great support: “They give me enough stability. Overall they help immensely to prevent injuries.” 

Rehband is all about enabling athletes’ full potential. We asked Rocha what it means to him:

“If we always want to be at the highest level we enable our full potential and Rehband products are essential for this. Besides good nutrition, training and rest, being well equipped helps our potential to be at the highest level.”

 **Photo credits to Tiago Rocha, source: Instagram Tiago’s profile 

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