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Lisa Frey, 23, is a Swiss National Team handball player currently playing for the Danish club Vendsyssel Handbold in Frederikshavn. Read on to learn more about Frey and why she wears Rehband supports.

Frey started playing handball as an 8-year old. Her older sister played, so naturally she also wanted to try it. She continued playing and now today has an international career in Denmark, with many new experiences ahead of her. Frey considers the move to Denmark as a highlight of her career. Another high point includes winning the Championship and Cup in the 17/18 Series with Spono Eagles, her Swiss club team at the time.


As an athlete, Frey’s strength lies in her determination, whereas a weakness is that she sometimes is not patient enough. “I’m happy and motivated and also very determined”. In terms of inspiration, she prefers to watch games from Champions League or other international tournaments where she can observe and learn from big stars within the sport: “I think, I want to play like these girls. One of my idols is Isabelle Gulldén”.

To find motivation to get up in the morning, she focuses on her previous achievements:

I think of the great moments I have experienced and that I would like to experience them again. Often I think of the games that I see on TV/Internet and think that I would like to play at this level, this helps me a lot”.

Injury Prevention and support

Frey had an ACL knee injury in the past so when it comes to injury prevention she says it’s important to not only train with heavy weights. Today, her own program is a mix with weight training and also a lot of exercises for stability.

The Rehband products she wears are the QD Compression Socks, QD Shoulder Support, PRN Knee Pad – Speed: “The shoulder support helps me warm up my shoulder optimally. The knee pads give me good protection if I fall on my knee and the compression socks give good compression for my calves.



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