“An assist to a goal is nearly as important to me as to score the goal myself.” Swiss national team Handball player Marvin Lier

Rehband caught up with Swiss national team handball player Marvin Lier, currently playing for Pfadi Winterthur Handball, earlier this year. Known for having a good eye for his teammates, he’s playing left wing out on the handball court, with the PRN Padded Compression Tights to help him stay in the game. Read on to learn more about him, handball mentality, and much more.

Coming from a small town in Switzerland, Lier started playing at age 7. He explains that there were only a few sports clubs to choose between. “I had the choice between gymnastics and handball. I think I made the right decision”, Lier says. We certainly agree, already as a youth he had plenty of successes from the Swiss Junior National Team:

“I played over 150 matches in the categories under 17, under 19 and under 21. At the time my age group was the first one to qualify for all 4 big championships (2 times world und 2 times European) in the history of Swiss handball and we reached the 6 rank two times, which is the best rank for a Swiss junior team in the Swiss handball history.”

Lier is best described as a variable and team-oriented player, with an appetite for fast breaks: “An assist to a goal is nearly as important to me as to score the goal myself. Also, I`m a specialist for fast breaks and I really like to run inside the defence and take the position as a second line player“. For the ones who aren’t familiar with the term, fast break being when a team moves the ball up the court, so that defence is outnumbered, and tries to score.

In his early teens Lier played line-player but this changed at the age of 17. The reason being that his slim physique wouldn’t allow him to become a competitive line-player on the elite level, he states.

Handball mentality and change over the years

Apart from the experiences in the Swiss Junior National Team, highlights in Lier’s career include the debut in the Men’s National Team. “One game I remember especially, namely when we played against France in Switzerland. Back then we broke the Swiss Handball spectators’ record and played in front of more than 10000 spectators.” Winning the Swiss Cup with the club team twice and winning the Swiss Super Cup, are other highlights for Lier.

In terms of the game, he emphasizes that handball has become even more physical and faster over the years. “30 years ago, nobody did fast breaks and the end results would normally be between 12 to 14 goals per team. Today these results are already achieved by the halftime. Nowadays a final score of 25 to 30 goals per team is very common.”

Mentality-wise, competing at an elite handball level requires a lot of discipline. Lier means that full focus on the field, both in offense and defence is necessary. “You never have time to take a break when you’re on the field.” If players do their own thing and lose the ball “the fast break of you opponents will destroy you”.

On this high level, the ability to deal with failure is also key: “Handball is a sport where many mistakes can happen, you can miss a shot, do a bad pass, loose a one on one in defence or do a technical error, but in the next second you need to be ready for your next quest in defence or offense.” As an athlete, that means full focus on the game.

The feeling of success is what keeps Lier Inspired

Not surprisingly, Lier finds inspiration in the ever so impressive sportsman in history, Swiss tennis-player Roger Federer. “His way to play, his mental strength and his nature is just one of the biggest in sport history.“

Going the extra mile at home, work, or in school on days when one doesn’t feel like pressing on, is a feeling of dismay many of us may have experienced. We asked him the question: “You must have days where you don’t feel like working-out, what makes you get up anyways? What makes you go the extra mile?”, receiving the following response:

“You have to find your way through that to be successful. And the teams whose players get through this will be the winner at the end of the season. What makes me go the extra mile is the feeling which you get, when you win a game or even better a championship. These moments are rare but to reach them and to have tears in your eyes and to celebrate your victory with your teammates, is the best feeling you can have.”

How Rehband supports help Lier stay in the game

Lier explains that he’s had problems with his hips for several years. In almost every game he’d get hit and fall on the ground and graze himself on the hips. Thus, for injury prevention reasons, he is wearing the Rehband goalie tights. “With these tights, which have a big protector on both hips, I never had the issue of hurting my hips anymore. I also wear them for every single training to protect my hips and to keep my hamstrings warm. The tights help me a lot, to bring my best performance on the field.”

The team do injury prevention before and after trainings, but it’s more of a personal thing. “Everybody does their own program to fulfil their individual needs to prevent from injuries and to be able to perform.”

”Thanks to Rehband– I can do my best on the field”

“Rehband’s products are one of my daily escorts and allow me to perform at my best. I wear Rehband in every training and game and I cannot imagine playing without these tights. I have tried out tights with hip protection from other brands, but in my opinion Rehband delivers tights with complete and reliable protection, which is also very comfortable to wear.”

“In the past, before these tights, I was mentally distracted by my hip problems. In every action on the field I felt pain, or if not, I wanted to prevent myself from falling on my hips. It was not only a physical, but also a mental problem, which prevented me from performing at my best. Since I have started using the goalie tights, I do not have to worry about hurting my hips anymore and I can give my best on the field, because I know I am perfectly protected.”

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