An Introduction To Handball 

Handball, also known as team handball or Olympic handball, is widely popular in Europe, but quite unknown in other parts of the world. Rehband has held a strong position in handball for decades, and continues to provide the market with world-leading braces and supports developed for, and with, handball players. You can read more about Rehband’s selection of handball products below, but first let’s go through the basics of handball.

A game of handball consists of two teams, where each team tries to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team by throwing a ball into a net. There are six players on the field and one goalkeeper. As a sport, handball is fast-paced and has been described as a combination of basketball, water polo and soccer. Touching the ball with your feet is not allowed, body contact is permitted and there are similar dribbling rules as in basketball. Players can pass, shoot or keep possession of the ball, which is slightly smaller than a soccer ball.

A modern handball game is usually played indoors on a court that is 40 by 20 meters (131 by 66 feet). At each end of the court there is a goal and a 6-meter (20 feet) zone which surrounds each goal. Only the goalie is allowed to move around in this half-circle zone. So, in order for a goal to be scored, a player must be outside the zone when he or she throws the ball.

In total, a standard game consists of two 30-minute periods. Since the game is fast and fairly high-scoring, it is not rare to see professional teams scoring between 20 and 35 goals each. Outdoor variants of the sport also exist, for example field handball or beach handball – a form which is growing in popularity.

Rehband annually visits the largest beach handball tournament in Europe – Åhus Beach Handball Festival. During the tournament, which takes place over one week in July, 20,000 youths from all over Europe participate and compete against each other on the sandy beaches of Åhus.

For a taste of the beach handball experience, watch this video.

Looking at the history of handball, the rules which govern how handball is played today were codified in the late 19th century, primarily in northern Europe. The sport still has a strong foothold in Europe. In fact, only two non-European countries have succeeded in winning the world-champion title since 1938.

France hosted the 2017 World Men’s Handball Championship in January, and the French National Team also became world champions. The 2017 World Women’s Championship will be played in Germany in December, where reigning champions Norway will compete to keep their title.

Advanced protection for high impact prevents injuries

Handball is a high impact sport. According to French handball player Allison Pineau, handball has become physically harder and faster during the last couple of years, resulting in injuries typically to the elbow, shoulder or ankles. Rehband’s PRN Speed products are developed for an agile and explosive performance. They provide optimal support and protection while increasing speed and agility, both of which are important in handball. Rx Speed products are made with a highly functional material, perforated SBR/neoprene that keeps the elbow warm and improves the moisture management.


In addition to doing preventive exercises, Allison also wears Rehband’s protective supports. She is wearing the classic blue elbow and knee sleeve in the picture.

“My favourites are the classic blue elbow and knee sleeves.” 

She adds: “I also use Rehband’s QD compression socks and compression sleeves, both during games and after to support a faster recovery.”

Another popular set of products is the PRN Padded Product line,  with a complete set of tights, a top, shorts and arm sleeves, a new generation of sport compression wear with perforated protection pads that disperse impact pressure evenly. The products are based on a unique combination of protection and compression that keep the player safe on the field. These powerful garments provide optimal support and minimize fatigue and muscle soreness in order to improve your performance and boost recovery. Building on Rehband’s long-standing experience in anatomic design, the PRN Padded Product Line offers premium compression while maintaining flexibility of movement.


Learn more about Rehband’s products for handball here.


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