Tennis elbow

Can occur acute due to overstrain and can sometimes develop to a chronic condition of pain.
The problem is located at a spot on the lateral side of the elbow where those muscles that extend the wrist and fingers originate. This is a common complaint among craftsmen and office employees. Also occurs in sports e.g. golf, tennis and badminton.


– Pain on the outside of the elbow.
– Lack of strength.
– Palpation pain on the lateral side of the elbow.
– The trouble is aggravated by brushing teeth, writing, lifting and computer work.


Possible causes
Repetitive unilateral/static work of the hand and forearm.
Not adjusted place of work or equipment (grip and racket size).


– Eccentric training with straight or bent elbow.
– Stretching.
– Elbow strap.
– Adjust working place and equipment.
– Avoid elements that aggravate the symptoms.