Sprained ankle – Distorsion

Ligament injury on the outside of the foot is one of the most common injuries. The injury often occurs when the foot is twisted inwards, giving a forced supination position. This can cause ligaments on the outside of the foot to be ruptured or stretched. Acute ligament injuries rarely need surgery and are treated with active training at an early stage.



– Pain and swelling at and around the ankle, especially on the outside.
– Reduced range of motion.
– Pain on weight-bearing. Bruising. Pressure pain around the ankle.


Possible causes

Insufficient rehabilitation period after previous injury/sprain. Reduced balance and coordination in the ankle joint. Training on an uneven surface.



Ankle support during rehabilitation.
A gradually increased rehabilitation program for at least 12 weeks, even if you have returned to sport.
The rehabilitation program should be performed on a regular basis to avoid recurrence of the injury.