Shin Splints

Pain on the inside of the lower part of the leg. Shin splints often arise during and/or after running or jump exercise. This problem is mainly found in long distance running, ball games and gymnastics.



– Pain and soreness along the inside of the lower part of the leg, above the inner ankle.
– Pain during exercise, but particularly after activity.


Possible causes

Change of running surface.
Intensified amount of training in short time.
Improper shoes. Hyper pronation.
Tight muscles. Running technique.



Analyse external internal factors. Warming brace for increased blood circulation. Reduce painful activities.
Alternative training e.g. wet-vest and bicycling.
Anti-inflammatory drug or ointment.
Proper shoes.
Individual insoles
Stretch tight muscles.
Balance- and coordination exercise.
Consult a doctor if you don’t get better (investigate if any stress fractures).