RX Shin &Calf Sleeve Camo/Black

The RX Shin/Calf Sleeve is the ideal choice if you seek inflammatory prevention or if you want to protect your shins against friction.

The advanced construction is designed to provide optimal functionality for both heavy workouts and injury prevention.

The Rehband RX Shin/Calf Sleeve is classified as a medical device. The benefits are numerous. The sleeve protects your shin from friction and hits. Your muscles are faster brought up to working temperature and the warmth provides pain relief. The optimal fit increases muscle control and coordination, leading to reduced energy waste.

Take your training to the next level with the Rehband RX Shin/Calf Sleeve.

>> Anatomic construction
>> Higher muscle coordination
>> Protecting shin from friction and hits
>> Reduced energy waste
>> Fast warm-up and retained temperature
>> Reduced inflammatory reaction
>> Relief of calf and shin pain

Rehband RX Category
Enable your full potential with the Rehband RX Category.

The complete Rehband RX category includes products such as knee-, elbow and shin/calf supports. It offers you a wide array of advanced benefits thanks to its unique patented anatomic fit, developed by a team of dedicated textile engineers and researchers. The products combine outstanding performance with high comfort and fit.

This range is developed in close collaboration with the Rehband ambassadors.
CrossFit  Games® Champions Annie Thorisdottir  Rich Froning Jr. are examples of top athletes that trust Rehband to enhance their performance.

The Rehband RX cateogry builds on over 60 years’ experience from medical and sport product development. All products are based on a close collaboration with athletes around the globe. The Rehband RX category is a good choice when you want to improve your performance and feel safe during workouts.