Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

PFPS is one of the most common conditions causing pain in the knee, affecting both active and inactive people. This condition mostly affects teenage girls. The pain can be due to a number of causes, and often many different factors affect it. The pain is not normally associated with any accident. The pain is often triggered in connection with physical activity, leading to many people not exercising or taking part in sports. The prognosis is usually good. And activity with pain is permitted as long as the pain does not intensify whenever exercise is taken.


– Diffuse pain at the front of the knee. Pain during or after exertion.
– Pain when walking up or down steps or stairs, mainly down.
– Pain when crouching. Pain when standing up from a sitting position.
– Pain when sitting for a long time, e.g. when at the cinema.
– Locking sensation.


Possible causes
Anatomical and genetic preconditions. Muscular imbalance in the leg, e.g. weakness and tightness in the front thigh muscle. Hyper pronation. Incorrect position of the patella. Overloading of the joint.


A brace offering support for the patella. Rehabilitation programme
gradually increasing in intensity including stretching, mainly of the front of the thigh and the seat muscles. Special footwear.Taping.