Osgood Schlatters Disease

Overloading and inflammation of the point where the patellar tendon meets the lower leg (the growth zone).
Mainly affects boys aged 10-16, but also occurs among girls training a lot. The problem gets better spontaneously and the prognosis is good, but it may take a number of years to heal completely.


– Pain at the point where the tendon meets the shinbone.
– Swelling and tenderness at the point where the tendon meets the shinbone.
– A bulge may appear at the point where the tendon attaches.


Possible causes
The exact cause is not known, but the pain is often accentuated if a lot of exercise is done without rest and recovery periods.


A brace for warmth and relieving pressure.
Reduce the amount of weekly training sessions and competitions. Alternative training, e.g. Wet-vest and cycling.
Good shoes.
Possibly, special footwear or insoles.