Lower back pain (acute lumbago)

Pain in the lumbar region, often rapid onset, possibly radiating down one buttock.



– Reduced mobility and stiffness in the lumbar region.
– Cramps in the back muscles on one side of the body.
– Sharp pain when executing certain movements.


Possible causes

Lifting while at the same time twisting the back, for example when clearing snow. Poor working position, e.g. leaning forwards.
Poor warming up. Stiff, short muscles.



Rest in a pain free position.
Activity without pain over the first few days to promote circulation of the blood, e.g. short walks.
Gradual increase in exercise in the form of mobility, stability and strength training.
Anti-inflammatory medicine.
Do not take part in activities which make the pain worse.
See a doctor or physiotherapist if the condition worsens or fails to get better.