Inflammation in the hip region

Inflammation can affect different structures in and around the hip. It is not always easy to say exactly which structures are causing the trouble. Inflammatory hip trouble is mainly seen in women with weak muscles in hip region. However, even athletes can be affected e.g. running and orienteering.



– An aching pain on the lateral side of the hip.
– Ache after prolonged standing, walking or running.
– Difficulty in lying on one side.
– Pain when walking in stairs.


Possible causes

Weak muscles in hip region. Back troubles. Anatomical reasons e.g. a wide pelvis. Overweight. Strains. Stiff, short muscles.



Avoid all sorts of activity which causes pain.
Alternative exercise e.g. bicycling, swimming, wet-vest.
Mobility exercises and strength-training.
Stability exercise for trunk and back muscles.
Sleep with a supporting pillow between the legs when lying on one side. Stretching. Anti-inflammatory drugs.