Inflammation and torn muscles in the groin region

Groin trouble often begins insidiously. It is common in many sports especially where there are marked changes in pace e.g. hockey, speed skating, football and floor ball.



– General pain in the groin. Sharp pain. Morning stiffness.
– Pain on commencing exercise – subsides after warming up – feels worse again after exercise and even on the following day.


Possible causes

Intensive periods of training and competition.
Strain. Short and tight muscles. Weak trunk muscles. Weak abdominal wall.



Thorough warm-up. Avoid activity which causes pain.
Alternative exercise e.g. bicycling, swimming, wet-vest.
Flexibility- and strength training.
Stability practise of the trunk muscles.
Use of Rehband’s Thermal Pants.
See a doctor for further consideration if the troubles increase or if recovery doesn’t come off.