Diffuse back pain, weak back (back insufficiency)

This pain is localised to the small of the back and adjacent areas. Symptoms may persist for a few days to weeks, alternating with pain-free periods.



– Tiredness and pain in the small of the back.
– Stiffness and pain in the mornings and/or after exertion.
– This pain is accentuated in the event of e.g. sitting for long periods, standing, lifting and working while leaning forward or after taking part in sports.


Possible causes

Poor posture. Hypermobility. Overexertion.
Reduced trunk stability due to weak stomach muscles.
Tense muscles: back of the thigh, seat muscles and hip flexors.



Active posture correction.
Stabilisation training of the trunk and back muscles.
Coordination training. Weight training to strengthen weak muscles. Stretching.