Chronic back pain, prolapsed disc, sciatica

Persistent long-term pain localised to the lumbar region/small of the back, possibly with pain radiating down the legs.



– Pain may be experienced when coughing or sneezing.
– Pain in the lumbar region, possibly with radiating pain, which often follows a specific pattern.
– The pain often intensifies when the nerve is trapped. Strength, sensation and reflexes may be affected.


Possible causes

Repeated low back pain.
Poor posture.
Physical inactivity, that is too little exercise.
Physically demanding work involving e.g. heavy lifting. Poor working or sitting position. Accident.



Rest in the case of acute pain (approx. 1-3 days). Contact a doctor or physiotherapist for diagnosis. Traction. Warmth or coldness to ease the pain.
Mobility training, stabilisation training and weight training. Active posture correction.
Avoid sitting if this causes more pain