Carpal tunnel syndrome

When you have a carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the nerves (medianus) is squeezed in the palmar canal of the hand where the nerve runs together with tendons from the flexors of the fingers. The condition is most common among women from age 45 and older. It is also common during pregnancy.


– Tingling, prickling sensations and numbness in the thumb, index-, middle- and half of the ring finger.
– Pain and numbness during night. Pain.
– Reduced pinch grip strength. Reduced grip strength.


Possible causes
Hormonal factors. Rheumatic diseases. Earlier wrist fractures.


Night splint to keep the wrist in a neutral position.
If the hand is swollen it should be kept high while resting.
An elastic wrist brace makes it easier to perform activities daytime.
A doctor should be contacted if a night splint has been used for more than three weeks, with remaining or increasing pain or if sensibility is reduced both day and night.

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