Achilles tendon disorders-achillodynia

An inflammation can occur in the Achilles tendon or in the surrounding tissues on account of repetitive forceful loading. Achilles injuries strikes athletes at all levels e.g. where running and jumping are frequently practised.



– Morning stiffness.
– Pain and stiffness during and after activity.
– Palpation soreness along the tendon.
– Swelling at and around the Achilles tendon. Crepitations may occur.
– Reduced strength in calf muscles. Lameness.


Possible causes

One-sided loading. Increased amount of training.
Change of training surface. Improper shoes.
Hyper pronation. Stiff calf muscles.
Decreased range of motion in your ankle.



Analyse causes.
Gradually intensified rehabilitation program with eccentric muscle training for the calf.
Heel wedge in relieving purpose.
Individual insoles.
Anti-inflammatory drug or ointment.