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Medical Studies & science

Professor Tonkonogi on children’s exercise abilities

Michail Tonkonogi is professor in exercise physiology at Europe's most advanced laboratory for sport science at Högskolan Dalarna, Sweden. He's working with athletes of all ages and levels, including some of the top elite athletes in Sweden. He's measuring and studying the effects of physical activity and performance....

Avoiding Injuries with Strength Training

An increasingly popular tactic for young athletes to gain a competitive edge during off-season is strength training; in combination with plyometric and/or agility training. Rehband has revised Sports Health’s article review by Dahab, K. S. and McCambridge, T. M, which clarifies some common myths associated with youth...

Young Athletes And Knee Injuries

Children are training differently today and there is a higher acceptance of training intensively at a young age. At the same time, knee injuries are on the rise in child and adolescent athletes, according to researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Young athletes work out as adults and tend to becom...

Preventing and Spotting Children’s Over-use Injuries

Playing sports is a way for children to grow physically, mentally and socially. It means learning about work ethics, teamwork and builds character while having fun! However, young athletes are at risk for serious injuries which keep them from playing the sports they love. These are either acute (e.g. from a single trau...

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Growing athlete

Young athletes grow in many different ways when they workout and play sports. They grow physically in different ways and speeds. They grow as individuals by learning how to face failure, pressure and success. They grow as athletes when practicing and learning proper techniques, strategies and mindsets. But most importantly, they have fun!

Products & Inspiration

RX KNEE Sleeve Junior

All-around support for young athletes. This 5 mm highly durable knee sleeve is developed to prevent injuries and increase workout performance. With the patented anatomical 4-panel construction, the sleeve stays in place and provides full support throughout movement without limiting muscle development. Warmth keeps t...

“What do I want to achieve?” Training motivation by Rehband ambassador Mårten Nylén

"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself". Learn more about training and workout motivation from personal trainer and Rehband ambassador Mårten Nylén in this video! [embed]https://youtu.be/6Yt8JdFvG9g[/embed] Mårten Nylén, also known as ”the Smiling Ninja”, is a personal...

Interview with Jerry Manderhjelm

Interview with Rehband's former CEO Jerry Manderhjelm, who also is a physiotherapist.

PRN Knee Pads Junior

Support for explosive performance. With highly functional material and multiple details, the PRN Knee Pads Junior is adjusted to meet elite standards. The product provides support and protection while increasing the athlete's speed and agility. With a patented anatomical construction technique, fit is ensured and op...

Coaches’ Corner

Fanny Lorca Höglund is coaching kids at the weightlifting club Spårvägen in Stockholm, Sweden. Teaching the kids the right technique and taking safety precautions in her highest priority. Watch the video to learn more.

Ambassadors’ Corner

Advice to a younger you

"Playing sports, individual or in teams are great for character-building. That’s what I did growing up and it helped me to want to succeed."

Josh Bridges, Functional training athlete and dad

"Believe in your dreams and believe in yourself. I’ve faced so many obstacles, and that’s life. It’s important not to give up during hard times. You’ve got to fight for what you want - every day! "

Allison Pineau, Handball Player

"If you find something that you love doing, you are going to become successful at it because you are going to be willing to spend the time and effort."

Annie Thorisdottir, Functional training athlete and Rehband Ambassador

Josh Bridges teaches his kids preventative measurements

Josh is an exceptional athlete. He is renowned for his charismatic humor, phenomenal fitness, Trojan work ethic and exceptional mental toughness. In this interview he opened up and showed us what an exceptional dad he is too.



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Parents’ Corner

Rehband interviewed parents to active kids. Learn more about their approach to their kids' sports and training, and about the preventative measures they undertake.