Push and get pushed

CrossFit® Champion Rich Froning does not enjoy all workouts. In fact, did you know that Rich loathes running? He does!

But wait!

Rich have a simple trick for you to make it easier:

“If you ever need that extra push, who is better qualified than a friend?”

It’s a bit weird to think that the Fittest Man On Earth* does not enjoy running. But that does not mean he never goes for a run. Rich has a trick to psych up for a hard running session:

“I make people do it with me, so I’m not suffering by myself. And that helps me, because the competitive aspect comes out. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to get beat,’ even though the running in itself sucks.”

*The winner of the CrossFit® Games also holds the title “Fittest Man On Earth”.

Benefits of working out with a friend:

– Don’t let your friend beat you. Never!

Extra push
A personal trainer may be expensive – but not this one.

Share the success and let-downs
Even if you fail or succeed it’s nice to share that with someone.

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