The Champion Mindset

What is most important in your workout, the reward or the journey?

Goals will give you the ability to shape your fitness future. They make you grow, expand and develop your success and transform your life. However, only focusing on the reward itself could be a disadvantage.

Just ask Camille Le-Blanc Bazinet, CrossFit® Games Winner 2014, who manages to balance high goals with a healthy mindset:

Enjoy the journey and do it for yourself.

Set a goal that is not about the reward, but the journey. If you make it all about the reward, you may do the ‘wrong things’ in order to get there. But by focusing on how you reach your goals and letting that journey become your lifestyle, you will automatically attach more value to your hard work and pride in doing it the right way.

Camille inspire people all around the world by her healthy and wise attitude toward setting goals. “Keep your eyes on the big picture. For me, winning the Games was a part of my overall goals, but my main goal is discovering how strong, fast, agile and athletic I can be, at all times. With that goal in mind, winning the Games was just a by-product of wanting to be the best at what I do. To me, that is being successful.”

Camille explains “My message is to represent something healthy, fit and achivable. You create your own goals, you make your own person. You don’t have to fit any standard. Actually there is no standard – you create your own with your actions”

Another thing happening while you are working out, is life! Imagine becoming Fittest Woman On Earth the same time as you are studing for becoming a Chemical Engineer. Now that takes the mindset of a Champion. Camille takes us back to last years’s Games:

“The Monday after the 2014 Games, I was on the plane ride home and having to think about studying for finals for my Chemical Engineering classes. After winning the Games, it was the last thing I wanted to do but I had to suck it up and do it. CrossFit® has really helped me with developing a strong mindset.”

How to get the mindset of a Champion:

Focus on the journey
–Focus on how you reach your goals: the choices along the way, the will-power that you put in, your attitude. It is all a part of the end result.

Suck it up and do it
– You will not get anywhere if you let hard times get in the way. Believe in your self. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you.

Be your own judge
–  Focus on the athlete and person that you want to be without minding any standards. Create your own person with the actions you take.
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