Show some emotions!

“Some of my best workouts come from thinking about people that piss me off. I would like to thank them, but then they probably wouldn’t give me any more motivation. So my quiet “thank you” is that 2 extra rounds I got on my AMRAP or those 5 extra pounds I put up on my bench press.”

This is Josh Bridges, 4th CrossFit Games Champion 2014, letting us in on how he finds that hard-to-get mental power needed to pull off the extra reps that you know is left in your body.

He continues:

“That’s right, I’m saying show some emotion in the gym — let it out!”

Josh Bridges has no problem with screaming in the gym to get those extra few reps out:

“The other day I stood up with a PR snatch and I was screaming at the top of my lungs like a crazy person. I immediately apologized to the guy in the gym, and all he said was ‘that was motivating’. It motivates me to see other people do this too — so don’t hold back! When else do you get to let out energy like that?”

Be brave and let that energy out!

Go crazy
– Don’t care too much about what other people might think. Inspire them!

Mental power
– Focus on power and strength by letting all that energy out.

Extra reps
– Don’t give up – fight for that last rep!

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