Hit the wall

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is the female winner of the 2014 CrossFit Games. She is also an accomplished weightlifter, having qualified for the national championship for weightlifting in Canada.

Here, Camille shares her favourite hack for becoming stronger:

“The only shortcut is realizing there is none.”

When we asked Camille for some of her favourite strength hacks, she said:

“The only shortcut is to realize that there is none. You need to embrace your weakness and understand that there is no way around it. You will only improve your results if you push yourself through the wall, your limitations. Hit it and trust your ability, it is the only way.”

According to Camille, those who compete at the elite level, they push themselves to hit the wall every day:

“When I hit the wall, I do not know if I can push through it or not, I just do it. There is no short cut in improving your results.”

Keep having fun, keep improving!

Embrace weakness
– There are no shortcuts, develop your abilities. 

Push yourself
– When you hit the wall, try to go trough ut.

Trust your ability
– You can often accomplish more than you think.

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