The knee strength hack

Rehband knee sleeves will help you reach your full potential — while protecting you at the same time:

“I would recommend most athletes to use Rehband knee sleeves. The benefits are compression, stability, it keeps your joints and muscles warm and it just feels better squatting.” ​— Rich Froning, CrossFit Games Champion 2011-2014

“Rehband knee sleeves gives you that extra push and make you feel safe.”​ —​ Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, 2014 CrossFit Games Champion.

“The compression and warmth from Rehband knee sleeves is a physical and mental help.”​—​Josh Bridges, 4th CrossFit Games 2014.

“I recommend athletes to use Rehband knee sleeves.”

The feeling of stability ​comes from the compression around your knee. Johan Bohlin, physiotherapist at Otto Bock since 13 years and product developer at Rehband explains:

“Our knee sleeves are anatomically shaped to follow the full range of motion and stabilize in the sense of guiding your body in moving correctly without limiting any kind of muscle building.”

The compression ​improves the connection between the knee and the brain by speeding up the learning process and body memory, which means that when you afterwards go training without knee sleeves your body is programmed with a higher quality of movements.

Using knee sleeves will also add a key injury prevention supplement: H​eat*. ​The Rehband knee sleeves help you get up to working temperature quicker. You will not only get prepared for your workout session in no time, you will also keep your joints and muscles safe during breaks and even a good while after a training session.

*In a study published in “The Journal of Athletic Training” in 2005, scientists found that athletes using neoprene suits remained in working temperature even 30 minutes after they stopped training.

Enable your full potential!*

*Despite what you might have heard, Rehband knee sleeves will n​ot​ limit muscle building. Rehband knee sleeves has a patented anatomical shape that follows your body movements and creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength and health instead of injury.

– Protects your joints and soft tissues from injury.

– Assists body memory and prevents injury.

– Mental and physical feeling of safety.

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