Interview with Tia-Clair Toomey – 2017 CrossFit Games®Champion

Earlier this month, the Rehband team sat down with Australian functional training athlete  Tia-Clair Toomey, the winner of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit® Games and Rehband’s newest athlete ambassador, to discuss her journey to CrossFit®, future goals and the positive results she’s seen since using Rehband products.

What did you study after high school?

“After high school I studied nursing and exercise science. I wanted to work with rehabilitation.”

When did you win your first trophy or medal and in what sport?

“1st place at a Cross Country (running) regionals meet.”

Why Weightlifting /functional training, and what drew you to these two sports?

“Shane Orr, my Coach and Fiancé,  introduced me to CrossFit® to improve my running. The weightlifting came along with the CrossFit® training.”

What is your biggest accomplishment in your sporting career?

“Placing 1st at my first CrossFit® competition ever!”

What would be your ultimate achievement in life?

“It already happened! Competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.”

How did you feel after Rio?

“Exhausted, but I could die happy! After two years of preparation I was very satisfied.”

Where do you draw your inspiration?

“I draw inspiration from all the people that support me and the sacrifices they make to help me.”

Do you have any sayings or mottos that you live your life by?

“The first is to be better than yesterday, and the second is ‘Bow and Arrow’, meaning in order to move forward you need to be pulled backward.”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“My Dad always told me, ‘You have got to really work hard.  No one’s going to do it for you’.”

What is your main key to staying focused on your goals?

“Thinking about the reward and satisfaction of achieving my goals, and being able look back and be proud of where I have come from.”

How do you manage to train so hard and still have the strength to train others?

“Time management along with wanting to improve others and motivate people keeps me strong and focused.”

What is your biggest challenge you face when competing and what do you do to manage this challenge?

“The biggest challenging for me is controlling my mental state while competing. I manage it by staying focused and confident in my own abilities.”


Why Rehband?

When did you own your first Rehband product and what was it?

“While I was preparing for the Commonwealth Games in 2013, I started squatting a lot more. My trainer told me to get a pair of the classic 7084 Blue Line sleeves, so I did! And I have loved the brand ever since.”

When talking to people about Rehband products, what message would you like to share?

“The importance of wearing the products for injury prevention.”

What attracted you to Rehband as a brand and a product?

“Rehband offers a variety of sizes, thicknesses and styles that I can choose from depending on my workout. They also helped me repair my body for the movements to come.”

What Rehband products do you currently have in your gym bag?

“In my bag now I have 5mm and 7mm knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist sleeves, compression pants, two pairs of shin/calf sleeves and a back brace!”

Have you ever rehabilitated an injury with the help of a Rehband product?

“Rehband products helped me rehabilitate a hyperextended elbow and decrease discomfort in my knees.”

Fun Facts about Tia

Where did you grow up?

“I grew up on the Sunny Coast, Weipa on the tip of Queensland. I live in Rockhampton now.”

What was your feeling after your very first functional training workout?

“I wanted more!”

Other than functional training or working out, what is your favorite hobby?

“Going to the beach or walking the dogs. I have a lab and a bulldog.”

Favorite food?

“Chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins.”

Favorite workout?

“Run 400m, GhD’s and deadlifts.”

Least favorite?

“Assault bike workout.”

Favorite place in the world that you have been too?

“Barcelona, Spain.”

Dream destination?

“Boracay Beach, The Philippines.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In 10 years I’d like to have kids, be a health coach and a motivational influencer.”


Common goals and messages

What’s your mission and goal with your career and brand?

“To help others, care for people and show them that they matter.”

Why are you competing and what message do you wish to communicate?

“I am competing because I love to compete. My message is to set your sights high, and always work to improve.”

To the ever so impressive Tia-Clair Toomey, The Rehband Team congratulates you on taking home the title of Fittest Woman On Earth 2017!

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