The Most Googled Workouts and Exercises of 2017 #YearInSearch

Are you curious about knowing the latest 2017 Google trends #YearInSearch? Great, because search engine Google just revealed its annual breakdown of the most googled terms of 2017.

Releasing its Year in Search, insights into the most trending health and fitness data among top lists of people, recipes, sports, elections and other categories are up and ready for you to dig deeper into.

In order to arrive at the top most-searched workouts, an aggregation of trillions of Google search queries of the year, were studied. The Google team then built lists reflecting the 2017 spirit, after having filtered out spam. Below you will find a list of the most googled workouts and exercises of 2017. Maybe the workout you already do is in it, in that case congratulations! If not, maybe this will give you more inspiration of how to spice up your training.

List of the most googled workouts of 2017 #YearInSearch2017 

Murph CrossFit® Workout

Bungee Workout

Tabata Workouts

TRX Workout


HIIT Workout (High intensity interval training)

PiYo Workouts (Pilates + Yoga = PiYo)

Inner Thigh Workouts

17.2 Workout

Oblique Workout

Head over to to read even more about 2017’s trendiest workouts!


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