Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Explains How Functional Training Has Changed Her Life

Rather than just being a workout, CrossFit® is more a way of life that affects all aspects of people’s lives. Winner of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games®, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet explains how CrossFit® has made an impact on her and changed her life for the better. After getting introduced to CrossFit®, Camille quickly became inspired by how knowledgeable “CrossFitters” were about fitness and how in-tune they were with their bodies. She started participating in CrossFit® in her first year of University and went on to win the Reebok CrossFit Games® only 5 years later. This type of accelerated success has inspired many people from around the world to reach their full potential.

Her rise to success however was not a simple task. When she started CrossFit®, she did not have a network of supporters like she does today. Even though Camille was not surrounded by people who shared this common interest, she instantly knew that CrossFit® was something she wanted to pursue and was determined to learn everything she could about it.

In an interview with Rehband, Camille said, “CrossFit® wasn’t really present in Canada so there was no gym at my school. I remember a couple months after I started CrossFit® was the 2009 Reebok CrossFit Games® and I remember seeing it and making a pact with myself that I was going to go there next year. I knew I could do it. Since I had to train by myself at school, I would simply make up my own workouts, watch videos on the internet and try to figure out how to do the proper movements. Once I would see those videos and try those movements, I would figure out which ones I struggled with personally and I would work more on it.”

What initially drove Camille to love CrossFit® was that she was searching for ways to test her abilities and find her limits. When she started CrossFit®, she had no idea how profound of an impact this style of training would have on all aspects of her life. Camille explained: “It was the first time that I was doing something where there wasn’t any ceiling and truly no one including my body or my mentality could tell me what I could or could not do. So I think that this quest of becoming better and moving on in this journey is what keeps me hungry with what I do. And I think this hunger and fire of finding yourself and becoming better was lit up when I started CrossFit®. You find yourself wanting to eat better, sleeping becomes more important for recovery and taking care of your body is more important. And so it was a year full of firsts and that really just fired me up and gave me the drive to keep going.”

Even though Camille initially started doing CrossFit® for personal reasons as a way to challenge herself and test her own abilities, her motivation has evolved into something much more. She has realized that the talent she possesses comes with a certain sense of responsibility. In order to be a positive role model to her supporters, Camille puts a lot of thought and effort into sharing the benefits and learnings she has gained from CrossFit®. She said: “To see the impact that this quest of becoming the best me has had on other people, I’ve started to not want to do it for me, but for them. Because you start to help so many other people without even knowing, that now it’s become something a lot more selfless. And I think the reward from seeing people growing and changing and becoming better is just so much more powerful than achieving it on your own.”

Camille has come a long way since she was a freshman in University dreaming about someday making it to the Reebok CrossFit®Games. Even though she has achieved massive success at such a young age, she isn’t finished just yet. She still strives to inspire young athletes all over the world and dreams of winning the Reebok CrossFit®Games a second time. She still seeks out every opportunity to challenge her limits, and Rehband is proud to support such an influential athlete in her quest to reach her full potential.

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