Running The World 196 – Check In With Nick Butter On Day 107

Rehband ambassador Nick Butter is running 196 marathons in 196 countries in 550 days in order to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. Having recently experienced what it’s like to run in South America and North Korea he’s now back in the UK before taking off to country 38, Morocco. Read Nick’s summary of how it’s been so far.

“Day 107 – I’m now on the train returning to Bristol for one last night at home before I get back on the road to face my next set of marathons. Me and my little bag will be fully packed by the end of the evening and ready to jet off to country number 38, Morocco.

My living room looks like I’ve shaken it like a snow globe. Kit and accessories everywhere. Although I have lots of stuff to take with me, it’s still very little compared to the usual holiday bag. Everything is stripped to virtually nothing. This is the problem with just travelling with hand luggage. 80% of the bag is electronics, like a drone, big Canon SLRs (5d Mark IV), cables and chargers an iPad and laptop and the necessary bits and pieces to capture every day in photo, video and in writing. I’m actually getting excited. Here’s to chapter two. Bring on another 3 months of hills, temperature changes, confiscated items, new friends and lots and lots of sweaty African miles. I’ll return to the UK again for 3 nights in about 80 days time to swap my passport and go and get the necessary, in person, fingerprints done for my Nigeria visa. This is now my third continent of the trip having completed North and South America in the first 102 days. This included all the Caribbean islands, all of Central America plus the tiny islands dotted around everywhere in between. Oh and also a little detour to tick off North Korea before things get to risky over there. Just in case.

 I woke up today feeling sleepy and needing another 12 hours in bed. No rest time though! Up and out nice and early. Interviews with Meridien FM and ITV this morning, and then on to see Prostate Cancer UK and then the legendary Kevla (the entire reason this trip is happening). We caught up over a late lunch. Kev it was great to see you! When you read this I hope you give each and every one of your family a big hug from me. If anyone ever asks me why? Why do this trip? The reason is Kev! To stop men like Kev dying from Prostate Cancer. Hence why, with your help, we’re raising £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. Please support where you can.” 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nick if you want to support him and his cause. You’ll find his itinerary here.

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