What runners make of compression wear

During the spring, we asked two Stockholm based runners to try out Rehband’s new line of compression wear to see how it works for athletes practicing endurance sports.

Johan Karlblom is 40 years old and works as a management consultant. Living about 12 kilometers away from the office, he runs to work either in the morning or afternoon everyday, ensuring a one hour workout per day.

”I love to run. I started running just 10 years ago, and quickly realized that I preferred to run long distances as opposed to fast, quick ones. I like the meditative feeling of running. The longer, the better”, explains Johan.

”I usually only run on pavement, especially when going to and from the office. Weekends is when I get my real quality runs – I try to run a distance equivalent to a half marathon on Saturdays and Sundays”, says Johan.

Ewelina Gulliksson is a 30 year old massage therapist and personal trainer. She loves pushing both her clients and herself to perform on top when working out.

”I work out in the gym around 3-4 times a week, and then I go running twice a week. I love the freedom of running. You just put on your shoes and you’re off. It’s also a great way to explore a new place, heading out when visiting a new city or country”, says Ewelina.

Running The Gax 100 Miles

Two years ago, Johan ran a 12 hour race, and has been training for his next personal challenge this July, the 162 kilometer long ”The Gax 100 Miles”. The track goes 100 kilometers along Österlen in the south of Sweden, starting at the town of Ystad and finishing in Kivik. The track runs along the coast line and endless beaches.

”It’s a beautiful run. My goal is to make it in 18 hours, but as long as I complete it in 20 hours I’ll be pleased with myself. ”

Ewelina has run a few shorter races, including the popular Midnattsloppet (The Midnight Run) in central Stockholm several summers in a row. She has heard fellow runners talk about compressions tights, but this was her first time trying them out herself.


Become more aware of your body

”I’ve heard a lot about compression tights from others runners but have been somewhat skeptical about all the positive effects they promise. However, when trying out Rehband’s compression tights, I instantly felt like I was one with my legs. The compression makes you more aware of your body. When out running, I felt that my run improved, my steps became more stable,” says Ewelina.

Johan tells us that he is used to running long distance with compression socks. During our trail, he has appreciated the feel of Rehband’s full length compression tights for his weekend runs.

”When I run over an hour, I feel that the compression tights give a pleasant feel. It also feels like I recover better afterwards,” Johan says and goes on:

”You become more aware of your whole legs when wearing compression tights. I’ll keep on using them for my long distance runs going forward. I would recommend other regular runners to try them as well, especially if you run at least every other day. It’s a good feeling to put them on when you are somewhat sore in your muscles from a previous run, and then feel confident that you can get right back in the track again.”

Research on compression wear

According to Rehband’s Head of Development, Johan Bohlin, real compression wear applies pressure to the body, increasing muscle coordination and receptive input. Research also claims that real compression wear can help athletes to recover quicker after exercise. One study from The British Journal of Sports Medicine, following a team of elite male rugby players, found that when using compression wear the players recovered three times faster in 36 hours compared to taking no recovery. Read our full article on the benefits of compression wear here.

”I especially appreciate the feel of the compression tights when out running on pavement. The compression gives me a feeling of instant energy which pushes me to perform even harder. I would recommend others to try them as well, it’s a cool feeling to feel your whole legs when out running, it’s like it improves your whole balance,” Ewelina says.

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