Prevent Injuries And Keep Moving

Injuries occur sooner or later for most runners, but there is a lot you can do to prevent and avoid them. In this article we will guide you through some important aspects of injury prevention that might help you continue with your running without letting injuries stop you.


Here are some basic principles to keep in mind when trying to avoid injuries:

– Run faster than your normal speed to allow for all larger muscles, feet and hands to be fully activated

– Strengthen weaker parts with Rehband supports for warmth and mental and physical security

– Maintain the running stride and don’t lose technique when tired


Correct technique will pay off  Finding a proper running stride will improve your technique and decrease the risk of injuries. The best way to practice on perfecting your running stride is to do intervals. Here are Rehband’s tips on how to do that:

– Have a strong core and stable hips

– Maintain an upright upper body position – Use the anterior part of your foot

– Avoid planting your heel with force


Listen to your body


The key to accelerate your training as a long-term runner is to learn to listen to your body — to understand how much it can handle. The will is often stronger than the body’s capacity and stressing your body might result in injuries. A workout program should for example act like a guide or a goal, but your body always has to be in charge. Not your head, not your workout program. That’s why one of the most important aspects to prevent injury is to properly increase the intensity of your workout so that you don’t advance too quickly. Aim at taking small steps in the right direction and build your strength and stamina slowly. There will be pain along the way, so you have to listen to your body and learn the difference between an injury and temporary discomfort.


A common reason why injuries occur is that most people have a tendency to train what they’re good at. What happens then is that strengths become stronger and weaknesses weaker. One day the gap between the two gets too wide and you risk hurting yourself.

If you do get injured during training, working on the right exercises that build up strength in other muscle groups is essential for recovery. Find alternative strength and endurance training workouts, for example building your core, swimming, biking or rowing, while you rehabilitate from your injury.

There are many examples of how an athlete can turn an injury into something positive, with alternative training and by focusing the training on weaknesses. That way it’s possible to come back as an even stronger athlete than before the injury occurred.


How to keep moving

Work on your weaknesses – If the gap between your strong- and week muscle groups becomes too big – you will end up hurting yourself.

Listen to your body – If your body says no – it’s NO! Listening to your body is always the best way to achieve your long term goals.

Turn an injury into something positive – Take an injury as a wake-up call and take the time to work on your weaknesses – you will come back stronger than ever.

Product innovation for running specific injuries

Injuries among runners is unfortunately more common than uncommon. This is something Rehband wants to change. Using their medical expertise and foot hold in the running community, they’ve identified to most common injuries among runners and developed a set of unique products, a scientific combination of functional clothing and injury prevention.

Watch this video to hear Jerry Manderhjelm (CEO) and Erica Brodin (Product Manager) talk about a new and unique innovation targeting and treating the most common injury and symptoms among runners.

Pain in the lower leg is common among runners, especially Achilles problems and shin splints caused by prolonged running, typically on hard surfaces. That is why Rehband has developed a product that relieves and prevents pain in the Achilles and problems with shin splints. Learn more about the product UD Achilles Support.

Even more common is injuries in the knee, up to 40% of running related injuries affect the knee area. After years of research and studies Rehband is proud to introduce UD Runner’s Knee Tights.


Classified as a medical device they ease symptoms of one of the most common endurance injuries, Runner’s Knee or IT-band problems. Apart from other products on the market today they provides relief to the entire IT-band area and have warming zones in perforated neoprene directly targeting the areas associated with Runner’s Knee problems, with pain relief and prevention of recurring injuries as the result. They are carefully constructed for a perfect fit and functionality and are made in a breathable material with quick dry properties.


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