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In a survey by Runner’s World, 76 percent of all runners in Sweden have suffered from injuries the last 12 months. This is of course an alarming number reported from one of the most popular forms of exercise.

So we asked Sweden’s greatest runner and track & field athlete of all times: Malin Ewerlöf.

What can a runner do to prevent getting injured?

“Your body have to be in charge!”

“A workout program should act like a guide or a goal, but your body always has to be in charge. Not your head, not your workout program” says Malin.

She explains that the key to accelerate your training as a long-term runner is to learn to listen to your body — to understand how much it can handle. The will is often stronger than the body’s capacity and stressing your body might result in injuries.

“If you are injured, it doesn’t matter what it says in your workout program. The only thing that gives results is the actual completed training”.

Another reason of injury is that you often train what you’re good at. What happens is that your strengths become stronger and your weaknesses weaker. One day the gap between the two gets too wide and you will hurt yourself.

Malin has seen many examples of how an athlete can turn an injury into something positive, with alternative training and by focusing training your weaknesses. That way you can come back an even stronger athlete than before you got injured.

“It is all about getting through the boring exercises so that you can keep enjoying the fun ones”

Work on your weaknesses
– If the gap between your strong- and week muscle groups gets to big – you will end up hurting yourself.

Listen to your body
– If your body says no – it’s NO! Listening to your body is always the best way to achieve your long term goals.

Turn an injury into something positive
– Take an injury as a wakeup call and take the time to work on your weaknesses – you will come back stronger than ever.

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