Emma Graaf started her career as an elite athlete in synchronized swimming, but she has focused exclusively on the triathlon since 2009. This change in focus turned out to be a successful move – she won the gold in the Swedish National Championship in 2013 and took home the silver in 2012 and 2014. She views herself as Sweden’s happiest triathlete. Even though she has been very successful, at times Emma has struggled with sprained ankles. We will now take a closer look at what it means to sprain an ankle, what can cause this type of injury and what Emma has done to be able to continue to perform at the elite level despite her injury.

One of the most common running-related injuries is injury to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. This injury occurs when the ankle rolls outward and the foot turns inward (over supination), which can stretch or tear the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

“I have had a lot of problems with slightly sprained ankles when I am running in terrain or on uneven surfaces. With Ankle Receptor X-Stable I am able to improve the stability of my ankles during the day and when I am at the gym. X-stable provides excellent support immediately after I have sprained my ankle. Wearing the brace gives me support for my ankle while I am training, so I do not need to worry about spraining my ankle again. It makes my rehab and strength work-outs easier,” says Emma Graaf.

The most common symptoms of a sprained ankle are pain and swelling around the ankle bone, primarily on the outside. It is also possible to notice a decrease in range of motion, and it can hurt to put weight on or apply pressure to the foot .

This injury can be due to insufficient rehabilitation after previous sprains, impaired balance and coordination in the ankle or, as in Emma’s case, training on uneven surfaces.

Rehband’s ANKLE RECEPTOR X-STABLE provides support for the ankle and is small enough to fit in most shoes.

One effective way to gain the stability that the ankle requires in order to be able to complete a running work-out, increase safety and speed up recovery is to use a brace that provides support. Rehband offers several different types of ankle braces, each with a different degree of stabilization. Emma’s personal favorite is Rehband Basic Ankle Support.

“Of all of the braces I have tried, Basic Ankle Support is the best ankle brace for running and biking. It is flexible, easy to put on and offers a lighter support that is needed for higher-intensity work-outs,” says Emma Graaf.

Read more about ankle sprains here. Rehband’s selection of ankle braces are available for purchase online in our webshop.

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