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Rehband has a wide selection of products developed for running. Injuries among runners are common, but no matter if your ankles are putting up a fight, your knees are aching or your hips are unstable - Rehband has the products for you.

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Just like you, Rehband loves to challenge the body and reach new limits. We love the thrill of taking our running to new levels. To feel the muscles, cardio and mind become stronger. Just like you, we love the feeling of learning and becoming better and faster.

Obstacle Course Racing

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OCR athlete and Rehband ambassador Faye Stenning has what is takes to cross the finish line.

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Ensures a natural movement while providing support and very good stabilization to the ankle joint. Slim design to fit in all types of shoes.

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Injury guide

Do you want to learn more about the most common sport injuries? Read about typical symptoms or get tips on treatments? Find out what product you could use to prevent and rehabilitate your injury with Rehband's Injury Guide!

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"It sparked a fire inside of me and I knew right then that OCR was something I was going to pursue.” In recent year...

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Running is a big component in OCR. Running that includes a lot of elevation. There’s also burpees, wreck bags, barbed ...

“You have to have a lot of grit” – Faye Stenning

Spartan obstacle course racer Faye Stenning’s overarching goal is to become a World Champion. In this interview she re...

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