Swedish Handball Federation and Swedish Handball National Team enter into partnership with Rehband

Rehband has had a long-standing relationship with handball and been one of its suppliers of protective equipment for decades. The agreement that entered into force in July 2016 is therefore a very important step in terms of Rehband’s strategy for team sports, and the parties have initiated an in-depth cooperation.

Injuries are common in handball, and thanks to this partnership the players will gain access to Rehband’s extensive selection of knee protection, elbow protection, insoles and kinesiology tape. This will help the players both prevent injuries and recover from them. The partnership with SHF grants Rehband industry exclusivity within the above-mentioned areas. Through its product development in Norrköping, Rehband is working closely with elite handball players as well as top athletes from other sports to guarantee that it is offering market’s best products.

The agreement with SHF is a major, important step for Rehband. SHF is currently one of the world’s leading and most successful federations with multiple World Championship, European Championship and Olympic medals for both the men and women,” says Céline Flach, Global Head of Product and Marketing, Rehband.

The new agreement covers exposure for all Swedish national handball teams. Rehband will also have an opportunity to share its knowledge in sports medicine via a specially developed digital injury platform. Thanks to its extensive medical background, Rehband will be able to offer coaches an educational platform that will focus on injury prevention. The platform will be developed in consultation with SHF. Key people such as coaches, players and medical professionals will participate in the design of the material, which will be tailored to the target group and purpose. Several of the issues that will be highlighted are the importance of preventive training, all-round training, stretching and sports protection equipment for long-term sustainability in the sport.

Rehband has a good reputation among not only players and coaches but also physical therapists, and we are very pleased to be able to include Rehband as one of our national partners. We are looking forward to activating the different components of the partnership, which will have long-term benefits for both parties as well as handball players on all levels,” says Stefan Lövgren, CEO, Svenska Handbollslandslaget AB.

Rehband’s product line RX Speed, includes supports for knee and elbow which have been specially adapted for handball. These supports offer protection with an anatomical fit that is one of the most advanced on the market. The high-performance material was carefully selected by a team of dedicated textile engineers and provides maximum support and protection. Four-way stretch offers an optimal fit and keeps the knee/elbow warm. At the same time, perforated SBR neoprene helps wick moisture away from the body. Diamond velour padding offers impact protection, low friction and good glide.

Handball is a fantastic sport that places high demands on a player’s explosiveness and speed. We are pleased to be developing our cooperation with SHF, supporting Swedish handball and contributing both our knowledge and our globally leading products,” says Céline Flach, Global Head of Product and Marketing, Rehband.

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