Study: Common reasons for working out, and what injuries keep people from the gym 

At Rehband, we support people who want to live an active lifestyle. During the beginning of the fall, we conducted a survey* among our community on workout habits and drivers, exercise-related injuries and the use of sport protection.

From our community, we learnt that 87% work out 3 – 6 times per week. Our respondents stated that the main reason they go to the gym is to feel their bodies getting stronger (45%) and to push their limits (27%).

Working out helps us to feel good, be healthy and find energy to lead our everyday lives, but sometimes things happen that prevent us from exercising. The study showed that when people avoid going to the gym, it’s most commonly due to injuries (44%) followed by not having enough time (30%).

“I tweaked my right knee and lost confidence because I didn’t want to further damage my knee,” one respondent told us.

Injuries are a big problem keeping people from working out. Out of the respondents, more than half said that they had experienced serious exercise-related injuries. Out of those, 64% said that they have had a knee injury and 38% had experienced a shoulder injury. A fourth of the respondents had experienced serious back injuries.

Using sport protection is one way of preventing exercise-related injuries, but it can also be used to help someone continue working out following an injury. 8 out of 10 respondents told us that they use knee sleeves when working out.

“After having a knee injury, I was hesitant to work out. After deciding to order Rehband knee sleeves I was amazed on how much of a difference it made. Not dealing with pain and being able to continue to work towards my goals while rehabilitating my injury is such a great feeling,” stated one respondent.



“I injured my right knee some time ago. It remains very tight and will buckle at the bottom of a squat, lunge, etc. My Rehband knee sleeve prevents this pain and tightness, allowing me to complete workouts confidently,” said another respondent.

Sport protection should be viewed as a medical device. Almost all of the respondents stated that the amount of research and development put into a product is important. The durability of the product was also a main factor behind why 63% of the respondents stated that they use Rehband knee sleeves.


* The statistics are based on a survey of 1894 people within our community. The survey was released on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). 61% of the respondents have CrossFit as their main type of workout, and 19% have weightlifting. The remaining 20% mainly practice running, powerlifting or other strength or durability training.

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