A new functional support that directly targets Shin Splints & Achilles Tendinitis

Rehband introduces a revolutionary product that the world has never seen before. Developed to ease symptoms, relieve pain, and prevent reoccurrence of two of the most common overuse injuries or pain conditions among runners today – Achilles Tendinitis and Shin Splints.

Rehband has over  60 years of medical experience and expertise and is constantly developing new products to enable the full potential of athletes at all levels. Rehband is proud to launch UD Achilles Support, which was developed to counteract problems in the Achilles tendon, calf muscle, and shin. This product is classified as a medical device and belongs to a new generation of functional supports that are designed with scientific evidence and research.

The Achilles tendon sits above the heel and connects the heel bone to the calf muscle. Achilles Tendinitis is typically not related to a specific injury, but the problem often results from repetitive stress, overuse, and degeneration. Inflammation can occur when the tendon is loaded more than usual, especially when jumping or running on hard surfaces. Shin Splints are another form of inflammation that can occur as a result of overuse, when running and jumping. Learn more about the injuries in Rehband’s Injury Guide.  

Our mission is to help people to stay active and to keep moving, without letting injuries stop them. It’s about enabling them to keep doing the sports they love, to help them prevent injuries and to ease pain that could keep them side-lined for weeks,” says Catrin Spens, Interim Global Product & Design Manager at Rehband.

The support is made of strategically placed warming Neoprene panels that cover the back of the calf, running down past the heel at the point where the tendon connects to the heel bone. The 1.5mm Neoprene gives warmth to the complete area associated with Achilles Tendinitis and the innovative design compresses the area using a dynamic compression material. The user will experience the overall benefits of graded compression, increased blood circulation, coordination, and reduced swelling. Apart from its medical function and slim look, the UD Achilles Support includes design features that make this product stand out; flatlock stitching, breathable stretch material for perfect comfort, and reflective elements.

The UD Achilles Support has been developed for the endurance athlete that has the highest of expectations for functionality, quality and performance.

The UD Achilles Support is available in Rehband’s webshop and at selected retailers.

About Rehband Rehband has provided athletes at all levels with medically classed and patented premium supports and braces since 1955. At Rehband, we believe that no matter your situation, you can always reach a little bit higher. If you have the will to enable your full potential, there is a way. With 60+ years of medical experience, a fully owned European factory, and revolutionary R&D, you can expect the highest durability and function from all our products.

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