Derrick Johnson starts after-school program for unprivileged youth

Rehband Ambassador Derrick Johnson recently opened up The Kings of Weightlifting, a free Olympic weightlifting after-school program for unprivileged youth. The goal is to strengthen the community one kid at a time. 

– With this program we aim to get kids to move at an early age which will improve their quality of life when they’re older. With Kings of Weightlifting we want to build the next generation of leaders and champions, Derrick Johnson says. 

Watch this video where Kendrick Farris and Derrick Johnson talk about being the best at what you do and how weightlifting has changed their lives.

Derrick himself started weightlifting at an age of 12, about 20 years ago in the sport of Olympic weightlifting at Lift for Life Gym, an after-school program for underprivileged youth in the inner city of St. Louis.

Derrick went  on to win multiple national championships throughout all age divisions, 7 American open titles, and represented the United States at many international events.

Derrick is the youngest coach to be named head coach of an international competition for USA Weightlifting, and is the first African American to be named as a head coach on an international trip for USA Weightlifting.

Derrick is a champion who has overcome incredible challenges on his journey to greatness. With his positive mental attitude and incredible physical accomplishments he is now reinforcing the positive role that qualified coaches can have in developing young athletes by starting his own after-school program and giving youth the chance to take on the same journey as he has.

It’s important to surround the kids with people of all different backgrounds to further their curiosity for life, Derrick Johnson says.

We are excited and proud to follow and support the development of the program. Rehband is donating their newly launched Rx Knee Sleeve Junior, a replica of Rehband’s most popular knee sleeve adjusted to meet the needs of children. It helps them to prevent injuries and perform on top.

Make sure to follow The Kings of Weightlifting on Instagram and Facebook.

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