Recommended products for OCR and how they will benefit you

The demands on product quality and functionality are high and specific in OCR. Products should retain little water and mud, protect from abrasion, be lightweight and close-fitting to stay out of the way of obstacles, and to not restrict movement. With a portfolio with 120 products developed with and for athletes, any OCR athlete can get the protection they need from Rehband– to increase performance and get past the finish line.

Rehband is proud to support Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race, with market leading products for injury prevention and increased performance as its Official Injury Prevention Partner (US).

Recommended Products

Rehband Compression Calf Arm Sleeves prevent lactic acid build-up and reduces swelling. The compression material minimizes fatigue and muscle soreness and improves the performance and recovery.

Rehband’s Compression Socks give a layer of protection against rocks and roots when crawling through obstacles. They also offer compression, which helps with circulation and can decrease cramping.

RX Knee & Elbow Sleeves, the 5mm thick knee and elbow sleeves benefit you in a varied training where both agility and support is required. They have a patented anatomic construction, stay in place during races, increase joint stability and help to prevent injuries.

RX Wrist Support for cold or numb hands that can limit your grip capacity. Proper blood flow from the compression and the warmth from the sleeves help to regulate body temperature and improves your performance as you conquer the obstacles. They will protect and support your wrists, without limiting mobility.

The Official Kinesiology Tape of Spartan Race US. For a better receptive input and increased coordination to enhance performance. It’s stretchable, water resistant and isn’t made with natural rubber latex. Can be worn up to 6 days.

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