The Ninja Mårten Joins Rehband’s Team of Global Ambassadors

Rehband announces Mårten Nylén, also known as the Smiling Ninja, as global ambassador. Mårten adds an exciting profile to a growing team of ambassadors including some of the biggest athletes within different sport segments such as Functional Training, Weightlifting and Endurance sports. He is a personal trainer and coaches many celebrities and World Champions. He was also the host and Ninja Expert in the TVshow Ninja Warrior Sweden and the head trainer for 4 seasons of the TV show Biggest Loser Sweden.

Mårten’s health methods and deep knowledge has made him one of the most popular trainers and lecturers in Sweden. Rehband and Mårten both promote an injury preventive approach to training and a dedication to inspire others to live an active and smart lifestyle. Rehband is happy to support his mission to create health and smiles wherever he goes. His core belief is that training should be fun and kept simple.   

Many people call me crazy, but I would rather say dedicated. I work with all kinds of people with the main goal to make a change. I am who I am because I do what I do, Mårten says. 

When asked what the biggest highlights of his professional career are, he responds;  

I have so many highlights and there are new to be created every day. To name a few, I would say Biggest Loser where my team created some of the best results in the world. Other highlights are Ninja Warrior, working with the Ninja Tour in Swedish schools and my lecture tours as well as working with Will Smith. 

Kids and training is a joint mutual focus for both Mårten and Rehband. Mårten himself has as a background in all kinds of sports but put his heart into martial arts at early age. Rehband recently launched a knee support specifically developed to meet the needs of growing athletes and is taking on a role as a thought leader by gathering medical studies, training tips and inspiration to kids and parents on the knowledge hub Growing Athlete. When asked how he sees his role and possibility to contribute in this area he responds that his focus is to create better health and preconditions for kids and young athletes.  

Knowledge is an important base, but in order to engage and motivate kids the training has to be fun. Together with Rehband we can achieve both. I look forward to the opportunity to share my expertise on this topic in a video series produced together with Rehband. With our shared knowledge and Rehband’s portfolio of protective braces and supports, that now are available in kids sizes, we can educate and inspire people of all ages to develop a strong, healthy and functional body that will last a lifetime.Mårten says.  

The partnership between Rehband and Mårten involves several local Scandinavian multi-media campaigns and event activations as well as global content production that will be carried out throughout the year.  


We are proud to welcome Mårten Nylén as the latest contribution to Rehband’s growing team of Global Ambassadors. Mårten captures the passion for a healthy lifestyle and the joy of sports that Rehband represents. Together with Mårten we look forward to inspire and motivate athletes at all levels and ages to an active and injury-free lifestyle, says Jerry Manderhjelm, CEO at Rehband.  

Rehband values quality and to me the brand stands for knowledge, function and future. I choose to enter this partnership with Rehband as we share a wish to make a change. I feel confident that with this collaboration I will get the support I need to optimize my performance and a platform to share my message and expertise, Mårten continues. 

Mårten’s Top 3 Tips For a Healthy and Active Lifestyle:

-Always start asking yourself what you want and then do what you can.

-Keep it simple. Too many people complicate things instead of keeping it simple.

-We are creating the lifestyle we want. Make sure you create a happy one.  

For additional information about the ambassadorship, make sure to visit and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  

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