Parents Corner

Anna Lundin, mom to Melker and functional training coach for teenagers

What sport does your son do?

Weightlifting and ice hockey.

Why is it important for kids to work out?

He is building the foundation for a strong body that will carry him through his whole life. I want him to be strong for his future. The strength and stability he is building in weightlifting benefits him as an athlete within other sports. He would never have been as successful in ice hockey as he is today if he hadn’t been doing weightlifting.

How do you support your son in his training?

I support him by being a good role model. He’s seen me train and enjoy being active since he was born, and it has been a natural part of his life. As functional training has as many strong female and male champions, he is very inspired by successful female functional training athletes, and says that he wants to be just as strong as them. He thinks it’s cool to be strong and he enjoys successes. He is practicing technique as a game.

When I grew up, training occurred more spontaneously than it does for kids today. I believe the training was more varied as well. I see many kids specialize in one sport which can lead to over-use injuries. It can also take away the joy of the sport.

Do you take any preventative measurements?

As both my husband and I coach functional training we are monitoring him closely to make sure he is using the right technique. Having a good technique means everything if you want to achieve some kind of success and stay away from injuries. We can be quite nerdy when it comes to the details and that has of course affected his way of thinking about injuries. We also teach him to take care of himself and his body by having a good balance between training, getting plenty of sleep and having a good diet.

Can a child workout in the same way as an adult?

It’s important to us as parents that our son is active every day. Kids shouldn’t sit down as much as they do today; on the bus on their way to school, in school and at home in front of the computer or TV. It’s important to get their heartbeat up. We set a goal for our kids to become red in their faces out of exhaustion at a minimum of two times a day. In general, I don’t think parents should be afraid to push their kids when it comes to training.

Would you recommend your son Melker to use Rehband’s knee sleeves?

Absolutely, especially when he’s lifting heavy weights.


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