Rehband is now launching their Rx Knee Support 7mm in two new designs; the popular Camo and a red and black co-design with Rich Froning. The 7mm thick knee sleeve offers powerful stabilization for heavy lifting and extra support during rehabilitation and is especially popular among CrossFitters and weightlifters. With a unique patented anatomic construction, Rehband knee sleeves facilitate higher muscle coordination, increased joint stability and reduced energy waste during a workout.

The Rx Knee Support Camo 5mm is one of Rehband’s most popular knee sleeves. The addition of the new 7mm thick knee sleeve has been long awaited by fans. The Rx Knee Support 7mm Rich Froning is designed in collaboration with CrossFit® athlete Rich Froning. The clean black and red design features Froning’s logo on the side. This new 7mm Knee Support completes the “Rich Froning Collection” which now includes knee sleeves in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm.

”Crossfitters are very proactive. We use the protective gear we need – belts, knee sleeves, wrist sleeves, elbow sleeves and tape. When you have a 300 pound barbell crashing on you, your joints and ligaments can only take so much. They need a little bit of help. I have been using Rehband knee sleeves throughout my entire career and I love them”, says Rich Froning Jr., CrossFit Games® Champion and Rehband ambassador.

The Rehband Rx Knee Support is classified as a medical device and has evolved from Rehband’s long medical history. The anatomic construction allows the product to follow the body’s motions, creating a combined mental and physical frame to keep the user moving towards strength instead of injury. The knee support guides the user’s body in moving correctly without limiting muscle development around the knee.

The Rehband Rx Knee Support combines the key benefits of stability, compression and warmth. The stability offers a mental and physical feeling of safety. The compression helps prevent injuries and increases muscle memory of how to move correctly. The warmth protects the user’s joints and soft tissues from injury. Together these elements improve the athlete’s performance capability. The sleeves also ensure fast warm-up and retained temperature of the knee, and helps with the relief of knee pain.

“We are happy to offer two new design options in our 7mm knee support range to athletes who practice heavy lifting, or who are in need of extra support during rehabilitation”, says Céline Flach, Global Head of Product & Marketing, Rehband.

The Rx Knee Support 7mm Camo and Rx Knee Support 7mm Rich Froning are launching on January 16, 2017. The sleeves will be sold by various retailers as well as on Rehband’s e-com.

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