The Barbell Spin’s Review of Rehband’s Rx 5 mm Knee Sleeves

The knee is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, and may require extra support during heavy or long workouts as well as following an injury. The IPF and IWF approved Rehband Rx 5mm Knee Sleeves, Navy have been carefully reviewed by The Barbell Spin over the last couple of months. Watch, or read, a brief summary of when reviewer Brian Pyfferoen tested out the sleeves below. 

Rehband knee sleeves are worn by top performing cross-training athletes such as Josh Bridges and Tia-Clair Toomie today. Made out of SBR/Neoprene the sleeves have a high durability and provide both warmth and compression to help increase performance and prevent injuries. The construction of the Rehband Rx Knee Sleeve is built on a unique patent, securing its anatomical fit. A shape which allows the product to follow the body’s motions, ensuring that it stays in place during workouts.


Barbell Spin’s reviewer Pyfferoen reveals three things about the 5mm knee sleeves which stand out:

Direct Compression

Unlike some knee sleeves that are designed more like a tube, the Rehband knee sleeves have been contoured by stitching to shape around the knee. The result is a better fit and a comfort knowing the sleeve is going to protect the knee joint.”


In addition to the compression mentioned above, the contoured shape also makes the Rehband knee sleeve feel great. The contoured shape helps keep the knee sleeve in place while doing a CrossFit® metcon or during an Olympic Weightlifting session. The stitching does not irritate the skin and it helps warm up the knee joint while not getting too hot.”


“The 5mm thickness provides the versatility for those who are looking to use a knee sleeve (or sleeves) in a wide range of movement or uses.” 

Although reviewer Pyfferoen had heard about some odour of the sleeves, Pyfferoen has not experienced it himself. He mentions that he made sure to turn the sleeves inside out and put them in a well ventilated area immediately after being done with his work-out. And has not left them in a gym bag or in any confined space. He finishes by saying:

“I really liked the 5mm RX Rehband knee sleeves. When packing my gear for an upcoming workout I find myself grabbing these more often than not.”  

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