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“What do I want to achieve?” Training motivation by Rehband ambassador Mårten Nylén

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. Learn more about training and workout motivation from personal trainer and Rehband ambassador Mårten Nylén in this video!

Mårten Nylén, also known as ”the Smiling Ninja”, is a personal trainer and coaches many celebrities and World Champions. He was also the host and Ninja Expert in the TV-show Ninja Warrior Sweden and the head trainer of 4 seasons of the TV show Biggest Loser Sweden where he and his team created some of the best results in the world. Mårten has a background in all kinds of sports but put his heart into martial arts at early age.  Mårten’s methods and deep knowledge has made him one of the most popular trainers and lecturers in the country.

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